Event bands, music formations

According to your needs we are compiling the whole program of your event, festival, party, wedding, etc. As part of the complete organization we are providing stage, sound and lighting systems. We also offer for your special event both international artists, the most famous musicians and celebrities in Hungary and more than 1000 performers, bands, pop formations, classical music bands, club bands, chamber orchestras, solo artists, illusionists, master of ceremonies, fakir, dancers, humorist, Dj’s, Karaoke, special productions.

GYPSY BAND (one of Hungary's most famous Gypsy Band starting with 3 members)

A two-generation gypsy band takes show from 3 members, the older generation has a large domestic and international experience, the younger generation has academy of music education, their international routine guarantees the professional and reliable world-class productions. Ensemble recommended with 5 members, ideal composition: violinist, viola, double bass, dulcimer, clarinet or even an other violin.