Event bands, music formations

According to your needs we are compiling the whole program of your event, festival, party, wedding, etc. As part of the complete organization we are providing stage, sound and lighting systems. We also offer for your special event both international artists, the most famous musicians and celebrities in Hungary and more than 1000 performers, bands, pop formations, classical music bands, club bands, chamber orchestras, solo artists, illusionists, master of ceremonies, fakir, dancers, humorist, Dj’s, Karaoke, special productions.

Creative Music Agency

Our own formation playing concert-, jazz and saloon music. Can be ordered in various line ups members from 2 to 8.

The band was formed in 2003 and since then they played on a lot of festivals and events, receptions. The orchestral sound is given by the combination of traditional bass (double bass and bass guitar), keyboard, drums, guitar, soloist, which makes the band unique, "creative" is the adaptation of various worldwide known songs into jazzy sounding.

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