About us

"Born to Entertain!"

Marschall Entertainment is an internationally known concert-, event- and production company. During nearly two decades of our existence hundreds of large-scale events were organized by our company for well-known European and international multi-national companies e.g.: Spar, E.ON, Siemens, Hilton Hotels, Intercontinental Hotel Budapest, Hotel Marriott Budapest, Telenor, etc.

Furthermore we are proud to coordinate nearly 100 festival concerts in cooperation with international artists-celebrities across Europe. Among our international performers, the celebrities of the 80’-90’ and also today’s artists can be found in the most various line-ups: starting from life band productions to DJ's all the way to Hollywood celebrities.

As our company name and slogan expresses: our goal is the superlative entertainment!

"Back in 2007 when we entered the stage with Dr. Alban in front of the audience of nearly ten thousand people, watched through the raging crowd, which reached the total bliss as a result of my work. Then ran through me that wonderful goose bumps feeling, which I am living for ever since then. This is the aim in each and every event under our organisation as this state is the main sense of our work!"

Norbert Marschall

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